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Preventative Services

At D’Amico Dental Care, we believe that good oral health will lead to better overall health. Our preventative services will help you minimize cavities and gum disease.

Our dental hygienists are highly trained in all aspects of preventative care. They continue to learn new techniques and current oral hygiene concepts so that they can deliver optimum care and make sure that you can stay free of gum disease and cavities.

But, sometimes gum disease and periodontitis may be inevitable. Our hygienists will perform routine periodontal health checks to help determine if you require more targeted care to resolve periodontal conditions. If so, they are well equipped to get your periodontal health back on track and your gums healthy again!

Fluoride, it’s not just for kids.  Adults are retaining their teeth well into their golden years. Dry mouth and those seltzer waters are causing adults to have cavities again!  We can develop a fluoride routine specific for your needs and habits.

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