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Occlusal Guard

If you feel tension in your jaw when you wake up in the mornings, or are noticing tooth wear ask a team member at D’Amico Dental Care about a custom made 3D printed occlusal guard. 

3D printed occlusal guards at D’Amico Dental Care are custom-made dental appliances used to protect the teeth from grinding or clenching while sleeping. They also protect and stabilize the TMJ overnight. They are designed using CAD (computer-aided-design) software and are printed using the Primeprint 3D printer by Dentsply Sirona. The use of 3D printing technology in the manufacture of occlusal guards is a relatively new development in the dental industry but is becoming increasingly popular due to its precision and speed. Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing allows for a more accurate fit, which reduces the risk of irritation, discomfort or damage to the teeth and gums. The process of creating a 3D printed occlusal guard involves taking a digital scan of the patent’s teeth, then using specialized software to design the guard’s shape and size. Once the design is complete, the 3D printer is programmed to produce the guard layer by layer according to the specifications and material chosen. 3D printed occlusal guards have many advantages over conventional guards, including improved comfort, durability, and hygiene. They are more customizable and can incorporate advanced features. This makes the guard more effective at reducing bruxism (teeth grinding) and potentially other sleep issues. The time from scan to delivery is also much improved as all the work is done right at D’Amico Dental Care, and never has to be sent to a lab. 

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